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A newly established IT firm specializing in outsourcing and networking solutions with many professionals and lucrative contracts.

The Challenge:

The leaders of the IT firm realized that they were very close to financial bankruptcy and needed commercial solutions to put themselves on track to profitability again.

The Solution:

Realizing the firm had too many employees for the income the contracts generated, the needs were to cutback in fulltime employees and provide more contract services to outsourcing professionals. Discussions were held on merging or selling the firm to companies with similar goals. The solution came down to a firm-wide restructure to remain profitable in a highly competitive IT market.

The plan was to do a case by case study of professionals that were on staff and to make definite cutbacks based on defined needs. Consulting was done on office reorganization and efficient planning, and sales of the firm's contracts to other service firms to increase capital. Office relocation to more efficient space was considered, but set aside for future consideration pending the firmís growth in revenue.

The overall plan included:

ē Understanding the firmís business, culture and environment
ē Analyzing the firmís contracts and profitable ventures
ē Delineating expenses that could be cut
ē Identifying key measures needed in remaining competitive while fair to both clients, employees and outsourced professionals.

The firm to this day remains profitable and is working on office relocation for more efficiency and organization. We are providing the services to help make this firmís relocation more economical.



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