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MOONllc believes in a recruitment process that is fair but intense. Candidates should know that we demand intelligent, educated and versatile individuals. Whether you are a graduate student or industry veteran, each and every candidate should understand that working for MOONllc is a career move that can only benefit your future.

A job interview with MOONllc involves meeting with executives from departments within our firm. We do this to get an idea of where a candidate might best fit in our company. The interview focuses on a candidate's past job experiences and education, and why it applies to our company. At the same time we will answer questions from the candidate on what we provide to our clients and employees.

When invited back for a second interview we will discuss, in depth, the position(s) we feel you are best suited for and determine, with you, how our decision meets your needs.

The whole recruitment process ultimately is meant to show you what we expect and what we can, in return, provide. We treat all candidates professionally and consider hiring them based on the principles of honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves in being an equal opportunity employer.




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